Roof Top Containment

The best way to keep your roof top clean - keep the grease off to begin with.

Cleaning a roof that is covered with "Nature's Grime" is fairly simple. Cleaning a roof that is covered with grease is a problem. Not only is the grease damaging your roof, it is damaging our environment and you could be liable for significant fines resulting from your grease run-off. Some simple preventative maintenance by the restaurant owner can substantially reduce the risk of an environmental or structural problem.  

Have your filters cleaned regularly. Many of our customers run their filters through the dish washing system several times per week. This prevents an accumulation of grease on and beyond the filters. Containing your grease in the kitchen will keep your grease off your roof.  

Install a roof top containment system. Depending on the volume of grease your cooking operation produces, you can set up a roof top containment system for as little as $225 per system. These grease collection systems keep the grease contained and off of your roof. They need to be serviced properly or they can cause more damage then they prevent. Check our out photo gallery to see an example.  

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